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Frequently Asked Questions

Ben’s Security and General Use

Which iOS devices and firmware is required for Ben the Bodyguard to work?

For active duty, Ben requires iPhone 3GS/4 or iPod touch 3rd/4th Gen., running on iOS 4.0 or newer.

I don’t speak French, will Ben understand me?

Don’t worry, Monsieur Benoît is French, but works professionally in English. Based on demand, that may change in the future. Interested in language localization? Let the Nerds know at

How does Ben actually protect my data?

Ben is armed with military grade 256-bit AES data encryption. In combination with his expertise, he delivers a double dose of protection to your personal data. Ben made sure that our technical team complied only with his strict standards.

How can I back up the data protected by Ben? Does iTunes also store my data?

Ben protects data only on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Data is also backed up in iTunes with a standard sync. No worries, Ben’s data stored in iTunes is encrypted with the same protocol as on your iOS device.

I have Ben on my iPhone, but I’d like to also use him on my iPod touch. Do I have to hire Ben twice?

No. After you’ve hired Ben the Bodyguard, you may also install him on all compatible devices at no extra cost.

Can I sync Ben between two iOS devices?

At the moment, there is no option to sync your information between devices.

I just got a new iPhone, is my data still safe or is it lost forever?

Back up your old iPhone with iTunes first. When you get a new iPhone, simply restore the new one with the recent iTunes backup. Your data with Ben stays intact, as well as the settings and data for all the other apps on your device.

Is there a free version of Ben I can try before hiring him?

No. Would you hire a cheap chihuahua to guard the Crown Jewels? Free security is not an option with Ben. High quality data protection comes at a price — albeit a modest one that won’t break the bank.

Does Ben protect data on my computer?

At the moment, Ben allows you to enter and access your data only on your iPhone or iPod touch.

I have an idea to make Ben better. Who can I tell?

Ben’s priority is to provide you with the best security possible. If there’s any way he can be of better service to you, feel free to drop us a line at for assistance and feedback. We’ll make sure to deliver your message to him.

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Become a Ben Power User

What happens to the original when I import a photo or contact?

Although Ben protects everything you put under his control, he would never be so rude as to mess with the info outside of his own app. That means when you import a contact or photo, the original versions are still in place. Delete the originals to cover your tracks!

How do I deal with my device’s call and email logs?

Making a phone call or sending an email from an entry under Ben’s control? Since those actions happen outside Ben’s domain, there will be a record of them on your device. Clear your call logs and delete sent mail entries to be sure you’re safe from wandering eyes and fingertips.

Is there a faster way to delete stuff?

Quickly delete entries from your Passwords, Contacts, Notes and Reminders lists by swiping right-to-left and tapping the delete button that appears. But remember, once it’s gone, it’s really gone!

How can Reminder notifications be secure?

Ben’s Reminders function puts your important to-dos in his competent and potentially lethal hands. Save a Reminder with a Title and Date/Time, and at the right moment Ben will send you a discreet push notification. Open the app and enter your password to view the Reminder’s details. No password = no access!

Can Ben help me make better passwords?

Instead of using the same password for everything like you normally do — come on, admit it — you can use Ben’s built-in password generator in the Settings menu to create safer passwords for your accounts. Another good reason to have Ben close by at your desk.

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Troubleshooting with Ben

I forgot my master password. What do I do?

Ben understands, and he’s got you covered. Tap the ‘Forgot Password?’ button on the password communicator, and Ben will ask you to answer your Secret Question. After you’ve passed the initial interrogation, just enter and confirm a new password, and you’re good to go.

How do I reset my master password?

Tap the gear-shaped icon from the main screen to enter the Settings menu. Tap ‘Reset Password’ and enter your original password. Then enter a new password 2 times, et voilà!

How do I reset my secret question/answer?

From the Settings menu, tap ‘Change Secret Question. Then simply enter your master password, choose a new secret question, enter your answer and Save.

Oh crap! I deleted something important by accident. What now?

Ben warns you before you delete an item. Think twice, then thrice! Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. To protect yourself from yourself, sync your phone frequently to iTunes. Then there’s always the option to restore the device from the last iTunes backup. Your data will be restored to the point of your last sync — including everything you saved with Ben.

I need help. I’m having problems with Ben that aren’t mentioned here.

Visit the top secret Nerd Investigation Bureau at for support and assistance.

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Helping Ben make your device even more secure

Is it really worth activating my device’s passcode feature?

Using a PIN code to lock your device when it’s not in use gives you an extra layer of protection. And enabling an alphanumeric password on your device is that much more secure. It’s easy to do and worth the extra few seconds it takes to get to your beloved apps.

What about this SIM PIN thing? Is it useful? (iPhone only)

A SIM PIN is different from the device passcode — it protects the SIM card itself. If you don’t set this up, it is possible for data thugs to just take the SIM card out of your iPhone and access it on another phone. Do yourself a favor and set it up.

Should I always download new iOS updates?

iOS updates regularly include security updates and patches. Install the most up-to-date iOS version to improve the overall security of your system.

Should I be worried about malicious apps?

Some iPhone apps automatically initiate transferring of contacts or other vital information from your device to other devices or even third-party servers. While this is often for convenience, often more information is being transferred than you’re aware of. Always read the fine print carefully!

Is there any way to secure my device’s backup data on my computer?

Encrypting your backups makes accessing the synced data stored on your computer nearly impossible — without the passcode, of course. How to do it? Easy! Just make sure you remember the password…

Do I need to worry about using public WiFi?

Sure, using WiFi on your iPod touch at some obscure cafe or park may be convenient. But if you absolutely have to, ensure that you’re only connecting to secure services. In Mobile Safari, simply take a look at the URL you are visiting: if it starts with ‘https://’ then it’s secure. However ‘http://’ means it’s unsecured, leaving your passwords and other data up for digital grabs. Our advice: avoid using apps that require a data connection on public unsecured networks.

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About Ben

Is Ben single?

Well, technically speaking, yes. But judging from the way he talks about her, his heart still belongs to Lauretta, his love from days long gone.

What does Ben do when he’s off duty?

Ben is never off duty.

Where was Ben born?

Good question! This is what Ben has to say: “I was born in Paris in… an era of excess. Fashion exploded on the streets, while bullet shells exploded outside my bedroom window; Beguine bands sang out of bars in the Latin Quarter, while riots rang down cobblestoned streets. I did anything to survive, learning the skills required along the way. But I have said too much already…”

How did Ben start working as a bodyguard?

Straight from the mouth of the man himself: “I joined the Legion and quickly learned that I could not trust the government after some friends went AWOL. Bon chance. Fast forward; back to Paris. A certain V.I.P. hired me, which gave me access to excess. The money was good, and the job amusing, until…”

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